Computer Use

  • Purposes. The Library makes a number of computers available for use by patrons not affiliated with the law school. These computers are made available for the purpose of supporting the law school’s mission and its programs of teaching and research. Public patrons are expected to use public computers for legal research purposes only.
  • Use of computers. Users of Library computers are responsible for appropriate and legal use. Appropriate use of computing resources means: respecting the rights of other computer users; protecting the integrity of physical and software facilities; complying with all pertinent license and contractual agreements; and obeying all Nevada System of Higher Education regulations and state and federal laws.
  • Internet use. Authorized patrons may use computers that allow open access to the internet for academic and educational purposes. University policy prohibits conduct that interferes with an individual’s work or academic performance or that creates an intimidating, hostile or demeaning educational or employment environment. Users should strive to be sensitive to the diverse population accessing University computers and should treat others with dignity and respect.
  • Limits on use. Public patrons are limited to 90 minutes of computer use.