University Legal Services for the UNLV and CSN Communities

Meet Mariana Rodriguez — UNLV Graduate, Engineer, and Dreamer.

The designer of the Immigration Clinic’s logo is a UNLV mechanical engineering student, Mariana Rodriguez. She was born in Zacatecas, Mexico, and raised in Nevada. When she applied to college she was initially asked to pay higher fees as an international student, even though she’s lived in Las Vegas since she was five. It’s because of students like her that the clinic launched our university legal services project.

Due to funding constraints, the ULS program is offering limited services at this time. Unfortunately, no new clients can be accepted until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

ULS offers FREE OF CHARGE immigration legal advice and representation to:

  • CURRENT UNLV and CSN students;
  • Family members living in the same household as the current UNLV or CSN student; and,
  • Current UNLV and CSN student’s parents, adult children, and step-children;
  • UNLV and CSN Staff, if their individual income meets program requirements.

This project is supported by grants from the College of Southern Nevada and UNLV, and builds on the UNLV Immigration Clinic’s tradition of informally helping members of the university community. This project combines outreach to the university community, direct legal services, and problem-solving to address common problems facing UNLV and CSN communities.

ULS offers FREE OF CHARGE assistance with DACA renewal application preparation for any Nevada resident, with priority given to UNLV and CSN students and staff. While our assistance is free, there is no waiver available for the government (USCIS) fee for the DACA application, so beneficiaries must pay the $495.00 application fee.

Please understand, there is limited capacity for this service, and not all people who are eligible may receive services.

Please fill out the following appropriate form, depending on the assistance needed:

"They’re our neighbors, friends, and the familiar faces at the grocery store. They are Nevadans." — Gov. Brian Sandoval

Photo of a female on a football field wearing a graduation hat decorated with the colors and emblem of the Mexican flag and the words, 'They migrated -- so I graduated'