Misdemeanor Clinic

The Misdemeanor Clinic in the Thomas and Mack Legal Clinic represents people charged with misdemeanors and traffic offenses who do not qualify for public defenders. To find out if you qualify for a public defender, go to the Clark County Public Defender website.

In the Misdemeanor Clinic, professors who are experienced criminal defense attorneys, supervise student attorneys handling misdemeanor cases from charging through trial and sentencing.

Looking up your case and finding your new court date

Particularly during the Covid-19 crisis, court dates for misdemeanor and traffic cases have been postponed. To make matters more difficult, Clark County has both Municipal and Justice Courts. Watch this video to learn how to look up your case and find your next court date.

Fines and fees

We represent defendants facing fines, fees and court-ordered programs. We recognize what a struggle it can be to owe money for fines and fees and court-required programs. Fines and fees force families to divert needed household funds to the courts, and failure to pay can lead to bench warrants and jail time. 

For more information on fines and fees, visit The Fines & Fees Justice Center.


UNLV law students have prepared the following resources. 

How to Clear a Bench Warrant

This video provides basic information on how to clear your traffic or misdemeanor bench warrant in the Las Vegas Justice Court. Please note that it is easier to clear your warrant during the Covid-19 crisis. Watch the video to find out how.

Covid-19 Best Practices for Courts, Attorneys, and Jails

Clinic students and Clark County Public Defender extern students looked nationwide to determine the current best practices for police, prosecutors, jails and courts during the Covid-19 crisis. Read the Covid-19 Best Practices.

Stop! Before you plead...

Did you know that pleading "no contest" or "guilty" to a misdemeanor can affect your work, benefits, school aid, and immigration status? Find out before you resolve your case. Contact an attorney, or contact the Misdemeanor Clinic at (702) 895-2080.