The award-winning Kids' Court School program is possible because of our dedicated students at the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law and students at the University of Nevada, Reno.

The William S. Boyd School of Law is dedicated to serving the Las Vegas community through the community service program. All Boyd students participate in the mandatory community service program, by teaching free legal information classes to citizens of Nevada or by participating in the Kids’ Court School program. Here, students conduct mock trials to educate children about testifying in court. Learn more about the William S. Boyd School of Law Community Service Program.

After completing the required community service program, law students may continue with the Kids' Court School program, where they are trained to be educators in the program and/or participate in research.

At the University of Nevada, Reno undergraduate and graduate students volunteer their time to conduct the mock trials.

Student of the Month

Kennedy Holthus

Kids' Court School Las Vegas Coordinator

Kennedy Holthus has been with the Kids’ Court School since her first year of law school. She first joined as a Community Service Student, and she is now Coordinator of the Kids’ Court School Las Vegas. Kennedy does a terrific job of managing the day-to-day operations of the Kids’ Court School and ensures everything runs smoothly. She is truly a vital asset to the program! We appreciate you Kennedy — thank you for your unwavering dedication!

Here’s what Kids’ Court School Community Service Students say about the Kids’ Court School program:

  • Nazo Demirdjian

    Community Service Student

    "Doing Kids' Court School and helping kids reminds me every time why I am in law school and why I want to enter this profession — to help the most vulnerable among us. I chose to attend Boyd for a number of reasons, but the Kids' Court School was a huge factor, and I am lucky to be part of it."

  • Anna Dreibelbis

    Community Service Student

    "Kids' Court School fills a significant gap in society and I am grateful to participate in such an inspiring program. Kids' Court School gives me hope for our future- with each child that goes through the program, that is one more person that will feel comfortable telling their story in court." 

  • Sarah Ethington

    Community Service Student

    "I have really enjoyed my involvement in Kids' Court School! It is amazing to see the kids gain knowledge and comfort regarding the court process as they engage in the Kids' Court School sessions and I am grateful to be a part of that!"

  • Colleen Freedman

    Community Service Student

    "My favorite part of Kids' Court School is seeing the progress of the child as they become more confident in their Kids' Court School sessions. A courtroom can be intimidating, and it's rewarding to empower kids in how to use their voice to be seen and heard in a courtroom setting."

  • Kate Groesbeck

    Community Service Student

    "I have always loved working with kids, and the opportunity to combine that passion with law was so exciting to me. I know how scary the legal system can be, and my favorite part of Kids' Court School so far has been seeing the kids' confidence increase!"

  • Hunter Peterson

    Community Service Student

    "I joined Kids' Court School so that I could start helping children caught up in the court system while I attend school. Kids' Court School allows me to make a difference now, instead of waiting for graduation."

  • Nicole Walsh

    Community Service Student

    "My favorite part about Kids' Court School is seeing the children's transformation before and after their sessions. The confidence they gain as their understanding of the court system grows is undeniable and inspiring!"

  • Nicholas Wolfram

    Community Service Student

    "I chose to get involved with Kids' Court School because it seemed like such a great opportunity to make an impact on the kids involved, as well as to better myself. Even after only a few weeks, I've been able to see the court process in a totally different light, and in turn, we've been able to help children in such a great way."

Here’s what Kids’ Court School Educators say about the Kids’ Court School program:

  • Cheyenne Kidd


    "Through my time volunteering at the Kids' Court School, first as a community service student and now as an educator, I have seen firsthand the impact the curriculum has on these children. Witnessing how much more confident a kid feels in their role as a child witness after a session is a feeling that never gets old."

  • Amelia Mallette

    Competency Remediation Program Educator

    "Being involved with both the Kids' Court School and the Competency Remediation Program, I can truly say that the community is extremely lucky to have such an amazing program. The court process can be stressful for anyone, including adults, and Kids’ Court School does a great job of not only alleviating that stress but also teaching them how to manage it."

  • Naomi Muhamed

    Competency Remediation Program Educator

    "My favorite part about this program is being able to work hands-on with the juveniles, getting to know them, and helping to prepare them for what is to come in their future courtroom proceedings."

  • Gabriella Nellis


    "My favorite part of the Kids' Court School is teaching kids about court and watching as their anxiety about going to court decreases. Working with children is my passion and it is so rewarding to see children blossom from nervous to confident after Kids' Court School lessons."