Student Life

Throughout the UNLV Boyd School of Law's history, its students have welcomed the opportunity to build a special sort of community, one which values cooperation, civility, mutual respect, and diversity, and in which all members seek to maximize the potential of themselves and one another.  The BSL student body comprises individuals of wide-ranging interests, backgrounds, and life experiences.  Working collaboratively, these individuals define and vitalize the student organizations and activities of the law school, as well as the traditions and culture surrounding them. View the current listing of BSL student organizations and officers.

In cooperation with the Associate Dean's office, students have the opportunity to develop any number of other organizations and activities that have relevance to the law school and enrich the experience of students.

Greer Sullivan

"I love the William S. Boyd School of Law because of the sense of community it has fostered and helped me become a part of over the last two years. After the last two years, I can tell you law school brings many ups and downs, much laughter, and even some tears. But I, as you will, got through it. I have learned so much more than what is being taught in our casebooks. I have seen the support our legal community gives our students over and over. Watching my classmates fulfill their dreams and follow their passions has been a beautiful thing to see. My advice is to find your balance in this journey, whether having set study times, working out, networking, making time for yourself, or making time for your family and friends. Balance is what will get you through these upcoming years. Knowing how to attain it will help you keep balanced in your life after graduation. Although priorities may ebb and flow, keep sight of your big rocks.

As this year's Student Bar Association President, it is important that every student here at our extraordinary law school feels welcome. I have the honor of working with an incredible board this year and together we are striving to create new memories and traditions for our students. Our faculty, staff, and legal community are invested in the students' success here. I am sure you will find our entire leadership team is willing to enhance the quality of student life and make your experience here as enjoyable and meaningful as possible. I encourage you to take a personal approach to your time here and seek to learn more than the legal doctrine. I have found that the Boyd community is unmatched and truly sets us apart. You are now part of a supportive, kind, and welcoming community. For life! The legal community in Nevada is incredibly tight-knit and wants all of you to succeed. The friendships and connections you build here are sure to last a lifetime."

— Pranava Moody, SBA President 2022-23